Q & A


How much time does band require?

 We know that the summer and fall band schedule can look intimidating. We front load the rehearsal schedule to begin in August during band camp so that once school begins, students have time to participate in band and maintain their academic responsibilities. Please recognize that with all of your hard work you receive elective, fine arts, and P.E. credit. Marching band usually lasts until the second or third week of November. The Edison Band becomes a concert band in winter and will have a less intensive rehearsal schedule during the winter and spring seasons.  If you choose to participate in other programs like Winter Guard, Indoor Drumline, Jazz Band or others they will have accompanying rehearsal schedules. 

What is band camp?

Band camp is mandatory for members of the band and color guard and constitutes the majority of the preparation before marching season. During camp the band learns how to march, learns the show drill, and show music.  The time at band camp is used for focused rehearsals and time for bonding between band members. The color guard also learns and rehearses with the marching band. 

Can I be in band and other activities such as athletics?

 Yes. Our philosophy in the band program is to provide as many opportunities as possible for students. Many of our students participate in other activities including athletics, MUN, ASE & CIBACS. We recognize that it can be difficult to participate in as many events as students would like, but with open and frequent communication between groups we are almost always successful at figuring out a solution. 

Do I have to take PE if I am in marching band?

 Marching Band is a PE credit and if you continue in Marching Band all 4 years then you only need to take 1 semester of PE while at Edison in order to fulfill the Physical Fitness testing requirements.  Most students do this in their second semester of their freshman year.   

What are the different performance groups within the Edison band?


  • Marching Band-In the fall, the band and color guard perform together as The Edison Marching Band and Color Guard. This is a competitive ensemble that performs at home football games and participates in competitions against other high schools.
  • Pep Band - Pep Band is the musical group that typically performs at away football games, pep rallies, assemblies and other school events.
  • Color Guard/Winter Guard  - The Color Guard is the auxiliary squad of the marching band and is open to both males and females. This specialized group hosts auditions in the Spring for the following Fall semester. During the Spring, the Color Guard participates as a Winter Guard in competitions.
  • Winter Drumline - Winter Drumline is a separate opportunity for the percussionist in the marching band and concert wind ensemble. This is a competitive group that happens in January through April. Students prepare a show that is evaluated by a panel of expert judges. In doing so, they learn teamwork, leadership, musicianship, and physical skills.
  • Concert Band - When the Marching Band season concludes in November, all wind and percussion students become part of the Concert Wind Ensemble.The Concert wind Ensemble performs a wide variety of music ranging from classical pieces by famous composers to music from movie soundtracks. They are proud to perform at festivals, concerts and school events.
  • Jazz Ensemble - Jazz Ensemble is an additional opportunity for members of the Marching Band and Concert Wind Ensemble. This ensemble is active during the second semester and plays specific popular styles including, jazz, funk, rock, blues, and latin jazz styles. Rehearsals are usually once a week after school. Jazz Band is non-competitive and performs at a number of festivals, concerts, and school and community events.
  • Honor Band - The HBUHSD District Honor Band is a performing group comprised of students from every high school in the Huntington Beach Union High School District. Auditions are required and are held early in the year, and a concert is typically scheduled in February. All students are encouraged to audition; this is an opportunity for them to perform with a distinguished guest Conductor and the best student musicians in the district. Students who have participated have had a very positive experience.

Can I participate in band for only half the year?

 No. We require all band students to participate fully in both marching and concert band unless extenuating circumstances arise. Please speak with the band director for more information.  


What if I have a conflict with a rehearsal, game or other performance scheduled on the band calen

Generally, attendance at all rehearsals, games and performances is mandatory. If you do have a conflict with any band events, contact the director immediately. The Cut time calendar will contain all the band events so you can plan ahead to avoid conflicts especially with PSAT and SAT testing.   You will find that early communication is key. 

Who are the Edison Band and Colorguard Boosters?

 The Booster group is made up of all Band and Color guard families. If you have a student in the Edison High School Band or Color guard, you are a member of the Booster Organization.  

What does it mean to be a Booster?

 Booster membership means that you are invested in the success of the Edison Band & Color Guard program.  That investment is demonstrated through volunteer hours, monetary donations and attendance at booster meetings.  The success of the program is dependent on families commitment to participate any way they can. All help is appreciated. 

When are the booster meetings?

 Booster meetings are typically held one evening a month for 1 hour in the Edison band room. You will hear an update from the director as well as information on upcoming events. Come to a meeting to meet the executive board and the other active boosters.