Bench Coverer

Covers stadium benches with butcher paper in the band and color guard section at home football games.


Rides with students when being transported to events and sits with students in assigned seating areas at events. Stays with students until all are picked up after an event. May also act simultaneously as a roadie, plumer, or water brigade volunteer.


Assists students with quickly getting equipment/instruments on and off the field during half-time and competition field shows.  Helps move equipment/instruments to and from the instrument truck at home football games and competitions.


Inserts plumes into shakos (band uniform hats) once students are fully uniformed before a home game or competition. Removes plumes for storage after performance.

Water Brigade

Fills coolers with ice and water bottles at Edison High School and places in instrument truck. Distributes water bottles after half-time performances and competitions.

Trailer Hauler

Tows equipment trailer to and from football games, competitions and other events. Requires own vehicle.

Truck Driver

Drives instrument truck to and from home football games, competitions and other events. May arrange truck rental.  Picks up truck from rental site before an event and returns truck to rental site after an event.