At Orientation each family has the opportunity to make a donation directly to the program with several options to choose from:

  1. Full Cost of Student – The full cost of the program for a student without taking into account any fundraising.
  2. Recommended Donation – The cost of the program for a student including fundraising.
  3. Any amount you wish – We will gladly accept any amount that you are comfortable giving.  If you wish to adjust the       amount in the future, just contact our Treasurer at

The following assessments are fees collected that are separate from a family donation:

  1. Band Field Camp
  2. Marching Band Shoes – Only payable if your student needs new shoes. 
  3. Instrument Usage Fee – Only payable if your student uses a school instrument.
  4. Costume costs – Colorguard and Drumline, estimated $200 per season.