Concert Wind Ensemble


When the Marching Band season concludes in November, all wind and percussion students become part of the Concert Wind Ensemble.

The Concert Wind Ensemble performs a wide variety of music ranging from classical pieces to music from movie soundtracks.  Students continue to learn how to improve their skills, perform at concerts, and also have the opportunity to work in our Music Technology Lab learning music software, recording themselves, and creating music through technology.

Students further the bond with their classmates through performances that occur about every four weeks. The rapid cycle of preparing and performing music keeps kids engaged and having fun!

Throughout the year, students are involved at various levels of leadership in setting the direction for the program. This means the activities, the music and the social events look somewhat different from year-to-year.

In addition to performing music, members take part in social events that are musically related and fun! In addition, the year culminates with our Grand Finale Concert and Senior Send-off, followed by our annual Awards Night.

Course enrollment is a continuation of the courses established at the beginning of the year.