Most of our students maintain a full academic schedule, some with multiple AP and Honors classes, as well as other extra- or co-curricular programs. Some fall sports are not a good fit, but almost all winter and spring sports work well with enrollment in the instrumental music program.
Many of our students have at least one AP/advanced class, some with up to 5 periods of AP/Honors. Typically, our AP/Honors students are very successful – the majority of our graduating students carry a GPA above 4.0!
We rehearse within the school day and after school. The exact schedule of these after-school rehearsals vary between first and second semester, but it is not more than a couple times a week, from 3:00-5:30pm. For Marching Band and Colorguard, there are several Saturday competitions that the participants are required to attend. For more specific dates and times, there is an online calendar.
The Edison HS Band and Color Guard have a very supportive parent booster organization. Parents participate through chaperoning events, helping to move equipment, fundraising and many other ways.
Several local music stores rent band instruments and there are school-owned instruments that can be used, but are in limited supply. For more information, please contact the band director.
There are many resources available for those who want extra help. Most of the section coaches teach privately or know of other teachers in the area. We are fortunate to live by Cal State Long Beach, which would also be a good place to look for younger teachers that might help at a lower price. There are also websites and apps that are designed to help students with music theory or other concepts, such as Music Theory Pro. For further questions and information, contact the band director.
Each year, there are many outstanding students that are chosen to serve as leaders on the basis of example, musical/marching ability, service, dedication, loyalty, and leadership qualities. Student leaders help in the organization of the band, set up and tear down of events, in rehearsals with their sections, and other leadership opportunities. Such positions include President, Vice President, Drum Major, and captains of each section. There is an application process that is held in May.
Marching Band and the first years of Color Guard fulfill PE credit for all students. Color guard students will earn CSU/UC Area F – Visual and Performing Arts credit once their PE credit is complete. The Instrumental Music (Band) courses within the school day also fulfill the same requirement. The Advanced Music Honors course fulfills Area F – Visual and Performing Arts credit as well as Area G – College Prep Elective.
Students in our Band and Color Guard learn many essential skills that support them in college/university study as well as with entry into the work-force: time management, intricate teamwork, setting goals and achieving those goals over a longer period of time. Ongoing involvement in music is repeatedly cited by university studies as one of the indicators of success in completing a bachelor’s degree. The Chronicle of Higher Education has reported an important trend in university admissions – weighing the applicant profile more heavily, especially with sustained involvement in the arts, and decreasing the weight placed on test scores. Involvement in the arts, such as Band and Color Guard, is an essential piece of preparation for success in life after high school.