Got Photos?  Share them!

We have set up a picture and video-sharing website for Band and Color Guard on Shutterfly. This will help us to gather photos for the yearbook, banquet, or just for us to share!

To access this site, you will need to sign up for Shutterfly (it’s free) and be added as a member of our site. Once you are a member, you can:

  • Post new photos or videos
  • Add comments to pictures, videos and photo books
  • Receive email notifications when changes are made to the site.

So, how do I become a member!


  1. Go to our shutterfly site CLICK HERE.
  2. Once you are there, it will ask you to login. (If you don’t have a Shutterfly login it will allow you to sign up)
  3. Once you are logged into Shutterfly, you should see a message about requesting that you be added to our site.
  4. Look for the “Ask” button and click on it!

Now that you have access, please post your photos!

We just have a few simple requests to make this work well:

  1. If you want to upload new photos, please create a new album;
    • DO NOT add to an existing album unless someone requests that you do so.
  2. Please use a descriptive album name
    • Something that indicates the event, date, etc.
  3. Keep it clean!
    • No risqué or offensive photos please.
    • Please respect the wishes of anyone who does not wish to be photographed.

Please forward any questions or comments the the Booster President via our contact form.