Preparing for a Performance
  • Underclothing: Lightweight shorts and a plain white (no logos), short-sleeved t-shirt are to be worn under the uniforms (No tank tops!) This will help keep perspiration off the uniforms. In addition, black socks that come above the ankle are to be worn.
  • Jewelry: No visible jewelry may be worn at any time.
  • Hair: Shoulder-length or longer hair must be put up securely with pins so that it does not show below the collar line.
  • Shoes: Mandatory black marching shoes must be worn for each performance. They are to be clean and dust-free. Shoes can be purchased during uniform fitting at the beginning of marching season (approximate cost is $40.00).
  • Gloves: Are worn by all performers with the exception of the Pit. If you find you do not have your gloves at performance time, you may barrow a pair from the chaperone, but you will need to contact the uniform coordinator for a new pair.
  • Hats: Are kept in the band room and loaded onto the truck at call time. Each student will have a box with their name on it. The chaperones help organize the hats once they are off loaded.
Putting on and taking off the Uniform
  • Pants should be adjusted so the hem falls just to the top of the shoe, resulting in little or no “break” in the pant leg.
  • Jacket Cuff Hems should be snapped into place just at the wrist.  Slightly long is O.K., don’t make them too short.
  • Gauntlets are worn over the jacket sleeve and gloves.
  • The Aussie hat is stored on the student’s hat box in the band room.  Hats are checked out at each performance, and are to be carried in the supplied plastic bag until you are directed to put your hat on. The bag will be placed inside the hat during the performance.
  • Plumes are never handled by the student. Parent volunteers will place and remove the plumes.
  • After removing the uniform, hang the pants neatly. Use the crease line of the pant to fold the pant over the locking hanger bar. Do not just drape the pant over the hanger!
  • Hang the jacket with the curve of the hanger facing forward. Make sure the jacket is zipped securely so it will not slide off the hanger.
  • Hang up the uniform immediately after each performance. Do not throw it in a car trunk, etc. The garment bag provided with the uniform is to be used whenever the uniform is not being worn. If there is perspiration or moisture of any kind, leave the garment bag’s zipper open until the uniform is dry, then zip it up.
  • Gauntlets and performance gloves should be stored in the small zipper compartment of the garment bag.  Do not put anything else in the garment bag with your uniform. Shoes are to be labeled and kept separately from the uniform.
  • Do not eat or drink anything other than water while in uniform.
Cleaning the Uniform
  • Cleaning of the uniform will be done ONLY by the Uniform Coordinator. Students are to maintain the uniform by brushing off any dust or dirt. Should any cleaning beyond that be necessary, contact the Uniform Coordinator.
  • If your gloves get soiled, you may hand wash them in cool water & mild soap.  Air dry, DO NOT put into the dryer as they will shrink considerably.  If you wash your gloves, make sure to do it a few days in advance to allow for dry time.  If you have washed your gloves and they are still stained, contact the uniform coordinator for new gloves.
  • The Aussie Hat is not to be dry cleaned or immersed in water. Let the Uniform Coordinator know if cleaning is necessary.
Alterations or Repairs
  • Do not make any alterations or repairs to the uniform, including sewing on a button. If an adjustment or repair is necessary, contact the Uniform Coordinator and arrangements will be made.
Inventory of Uniform Pieces
  • Each student receives numbered hanger with the same numbered uniform and numbered gauntlets.  The green pants are to be on the same hanger as the jacket.  All uniform parts and numbered hanger are to be turned in at the end of marching season after the yearbook picture is taken.

The student is responsible for any lost or damaged items:

  1. One Jacket – ($250.00)
  2. One Pair Green Pants – ($100.00)
  3. One Aussie Hat – ($50.00)
  4. One Pair White Gloves – ($5.00)
  5. One Garment Bag – ($5.00)
  6. One Hanger – ($5.00 each)