There are multiple ways to earn money while you do what you normally do… Shop at a store, eat out, and buy online. The more money we raise from fundraisers, the less we need to count on boosters for monetary donations! A great way to help the organization is to take charge of a fundraiser program.

Fundraiser Opportunities

Fundraisers that count toward your recommended donation:

See’s Candies®
See’s Fundraising Programs are Quick, Easy, Profitable, and Fun! The students sell See’s Candies and earn a percentage of their sales.

Identify sponsors for our group. In return for a donation, sponsors can get benefits such as ads in our programs or listing on our web page. Individuals can solicit businesses with whom they have a relationship, and we would like someone to actively solicit key businesses in our community. A portion of the sponsorship donation will count toward your recommended donation.

Fundraisers that benefit the general Band Account:

Company Matching Funds
Your employer may match the charitable donations that you make, many companies do. Ask your employer and you might find they will match your Fair Share Donation. Our group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, which is fancy tax code that usually equates to the Edison High School Band Boosters being the right kind of organization for companies to agree to match donations. Remember, it doesn’t cost anything but a bit of time to write up an email to ask, and you might be able to help the band and color guard with more donations.

Recycle Days
A great fundraiser as well as a team-building event. This fundraiser involves coordinating with a professional recycle hauler that will take all types of recyclables (paper, cardboard, plastic glass bottles and cans, clothes and E-waste).Coordinating a date to use the parking lot at Edison is required.

Communities for Cause (CFC) & eScrip
Have you shopped online or at stores this week? Eaten out? If you sign up for Communities for Cause and eScrip, you can earn money for the band while you are spending money on things you already purchase. Check out their websites with simple instructions on how to get started with raising funds today. There is even a handy mobile app for iPhone and Android users. Remember to specify “EHS Band Boosters” (group # 6444790) as the recipient! Please note: your enrollment in eScrip needs to be renewed every year!

Did you know that when you purchase groceries at Ralphs, the band and color guard can earn money? If you shop at Ralphs, please access your account online at, If you have never signed up, click on Register and follow the steps to create an online account. Once you log in be sure to select Edison High School Band Boosters as the organization you want to support under the Communities Rewards section of your Account Summary. Everyone has to re-select our organization starting September 1st, so be sure to sign up even if you have done so in the past. For more details log in to your online account at

Car Washes
Although car washes are a great source of funding and team building, with the drought we are facing here in California, we have put this type of fundraiser on hold until further notice.

Hosting a Drumline Competition or Field Show Competition
These are full-day events which require as many volunteers as possible. Committees are formed to plan, coordinate, and oversee all activities. The Treasurer(s) must be involved to help establish an event budget, accumulate receipts, provide cash box money to make change, and assist in the collection and deposit of all proceeds.

Opportunities to sell snacks, drinks, etc. at any school event (such as Battle of the Bands). Request permission from the EHS Activities Director early in the school year.

Restaurant Nights
An opportunity to have a local restaurant donate a percentage of their sales to our Band. Typically, a flyer is required and must be shown when the food order is placed. Try to schedule these events at restaurants close to football games, competitions, and concerts in order to maximize participation. Restaurant nights should be scheduled as often as possible, throughout the entire year.

Drum Day
The Drumline kids take one full day, spending 10 or more hours practicing their show. They each ask for sponsors to raise money for Drumline-specific purchases. The total raised by each Drumline student should be no less than $100

Christmas Tree Sales
This is an event that we share with the Edison Baseball team and other campus booster organizations. A portion of each tree sale goes directly to the booster organization.

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to raise money for our program and welcome all suggestions!