If you’re the parent of a freshman or new Band member there are probably some things about Home Game procedure you’d like to know.

For Band – Usually Green Marching uniforms are worn at the Home Games. Students need to wear a clean white t-shirt and shorts under their uniforms. Hair should not be below the collar – long hair must be pinned up. No earrings or jewelry or nail polish if your glove fingers are cut off. Other items: black socks (must be above the ankle, such as dress socks) and marching shoes, white gloves, competition hat, flip book and lyre to hold music. Percussion – battery and pit may have different requirements as to the hat, gloves, flip book and lyre.

As you can see, it takes a lot of teamwork to get the kids onto the field – if you can help, please contact the Booster President or any member of the Booster Executive Board.