The Edison High School Band & Color Guard is a program run by volunteers. If your child is in Band or Color Guard then you are a Booster, and we need every Booster to volunteer! Not only will you enjoy participating in this activity with your child, you will get to meet other parents and your child will appreciate how your participation and contribution enhances his or her Band or Color Guard experience. Below are many of the positions and descriptions that we need to staff to make our operations and performances successful.

We especially need people to lead or coordinate these activities. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure how to lead or support an activity; your booster board is here to help you figure it out! You will be glad that you did!

Social Events Coordinator & Staff
(Field Show Camp Picnic, Gala, End-of-Year Banquet) Coordinator makes arrangements including determining the theme, making reservations, purchasing food/supplies, promoting the event and coordinating volunteers. Staff assist with setup, decorating, cleanup, and running the event. Gala also involves soliciting donations for and arranging silent auction.

Car Wash Organizer, and Chaperones
Due to the drought, we have put this type event on hold.

Restaurant Fundraiser Coordinator
Contacts local restaurants and schedules fundraisers. Provides publicity & flyers.

See’s Candies Holiday Sales Coordinator
Obtains brochures from See’s Candies for holiday candy sales, gathers orders and places order with See’s, distributes candy, and processes funds received.

Uniform Coordinator and Uniform Assistants
Size and distribute uniforms and field show costumes, arrange for any necessary repairs and cleaning, and check uniforms back in at the end of field show season. Some members also are needed at all games and competitions to make sure bandos look their best.

Logo Wear Coordinator
Manage design, track orders and arrange procurement of shirts and jackets with logos and designs.

Field Show Volunteer Coordinator
Arranges chaperones, roadies, water brigade and truck drivers for all field show events.

Rides with students when being transported to events and sits with students in assigned seating areas. May also act as a roadie or water brigade volunteer. A limited number of free tickets to football games and competitions are available to people who assist.

Assists students with quickly getting equipment on and off the field during field shows and some rehearsals. Assist with loading and unloading equipment truck. A limited number of free tickets to football games and competitions are available to people who assist.

Water Brigade
Purchases and distributes water bottles for students to drink after all field shows (football games, competitions and some rehearsals). A limited number of free tickets to football games and competitions are available to people who assist.

Truck Driver
Drives equipment truck to and from football games, competitions and other events. May arrange truck rental. A limited number of free tickets to football games and competitions are available to people who assist.

Trailer Hauler
Tows equipment trailer to and from football games, competitions and other events. Requires own vehicle. A limited number of free tickets to football games and competitions are available to people who assist.

Field Show Camp Volunteer Coordinator
Arranges chaperones, water brigade and other volunteers to staff Field Show Camp activities such as on-site registration, water brigade and snack bar for rehearsals, and the March to the Sea.

Sponsorship/Donation Coordinator
Works with the booster board to define sponsorship levels. Promotes the sponsorship program with boosters. Actively solicits sponsorships and tax-deductible donations from community businesses and individuals.

Maintains web hosting, defines web page organization, and updates documents, announcements and calendar for the website. Requires experience with setting up and maintaining web sites.

Photo Coordinator, Photographer
Photographers shoot still photos (digital or film). The photo coordinator will gather photos to be used for publicity, Principal’s bulletin, yearbook, Bando scrapbook, etc.

Community discount Card Coordinator
Works with Community Discount Card company and distributes cards.

Band room cleanup helper
Staff one of the periodic band room cleanup days, help chaperone students.

Communication Coordinator
Coordinator helps facilitate communication between the Band Director, Booster President, and Band parents and students, which includes maintaining an email, telephone and registration list; maintaining a phone tree list; sending e-mails; updating the website calendar.

Concert Coordinator and Worker
Coordinator secures workers to take CD orders before and after concerts and distribute programs before concerts. Also coordinates refreshments if being served.

Video records field shows, competitions, etc. and produces “commemorative” video for purchase at end of year.

Volunteer Hours Secretary
Gathers number of volunteer hours served each month and provides report to school administration.

Press Agent
Submits articles and photos to local newspapers regarding band accomplishments and upcoming band events.

eScrip Coordinator
Schedules volunteers to go to local Vons stores and ask patrons to register their Vons card to support Band; submits names and card numbers to e-scrip. Provides sign-up information on other internet-based fundraising programs.

Christmas Tree Sales Coordinator
Coordinate with other booster groups for EHS annual Christmas tree sales. Activate boosters and students to sell trees and garlands, help staff tree distribution day.

I can help in this area/Call me when needed
Do you have other skills or talents that might benefit the band? Can you paint, do carpentry, type, keep records? Are you available during the day to run errands? Can we call you when we need something done? Use our contact form to let us know!